Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Still Time Party Pack

So we have been joking for a long time about offering a party-pack: pretty much everything you need for a sweet party + Still Time playing. Then Josh Freese went and one upped us with all the deals you get with his new CD. Check it out. Some of them are hilarious.
Since we guarantee that no one oversells us on random and ridiculous things, I offer you the Still Time Sweet Deals:
  • Get a Haircut from Chris "Haircut" Arntzen: $25. He is not a trained barber, so we are not responsible for how it looks, but he can do some amazing things. Check out his work below and the amazing response it is getting from the ladies.

  • Date with Nick Bilich: $50. Voted #1 most sought-after Croatian/Italian-American in Baltic Biweekly, this connoisseur of the coffee been, this handsome heartthrob and gigantically generous gentleman will take you out for a personal caffinated escapade anywhere in San Luis Obispo or elsewhere if it is on our tour schedule.
  • Personalized John and Paul Jam: $100. Are you planning a special evening with someone, but don't just want to play the same old Marvin Gaye song everyone else already has. John and Paul will set up and play for your special evening. From romantic jazz for your dinner to some funky tunes for dancing to whatever your heart desires, your actions will be the third performer and our music will match the mood. Are you going to break up? We'll match the mood with an ominous chord and a drum roll. Professing your love? Paul's bow on his strings will match every nuance of your longing.
  • Personal Theme Music: $150. Two or more band members will follow you around for an hour with guitars and cowbells and sing/play about your life. Whatever you are doing (teethbrushing, working, etc) we will commit it to song while you're doing it and then send the best to you afterwards.
  • Still Time Party Pack: $1500. 2 Kegs, 1 Bouncehouse rental, Red Cups, 1 Beer-Pong/Flip-Cup Table rental, and Still Time playing. Fines and Travel Expenses not included.

Not sure if we're serious? We probably are. Email John@stilltimemusic.com for reservations.

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brooke said...

What the F?! No one brought a bounce house to our wedding. I want a re-do. :)