Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Welcome to my Mother's Day Blog.

Here is a list of five awesome things about my mom. It is not a top 5 list, because narrowing down the five would be like deciding between slurpees, slow motion, and David Hasselhoff; they're all equally awesome.

  • Despite a strict no R movie law at the time, let me watch "My Cousin Vinny" when I was eight simply because it was hilarious
  • Current attendance record of 514 soccer games, 47 concerts, and 5 emergency rooms
  • Gave me recipes for fried chicken, spare ribs, swedish meatballs, and chocolate cookies that usually require level 7 access
  • Bought me a drum set for christmas in seventh grade and let me practice in the house even after hearing me play
  • Managed the very difficult trick of helping me with anything I needed growing up while making sure I appreciated what I had.

Thanks for these and the other 5678 reasons. I love you.

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