Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hooligans and such

Some of my favorite words of all time: Scalawag, Hooligan, Miscreant, and Ruffian. I try to use them as often as possible so that I'm well-practiced by the time I have to chase some kids off my lawn in 40 years or so. Today I actually looked one of them up.

Scalawag: Joseph E. Worcester's 1860 Dictionary of the English Language defined scalawag as "A low worthless fellow; a scapegrace." Scalawag was also a word for low-grade farm animals. In early 1868 a Mississippi editor observed that scalawag "has been used from time immemorial to designate inferior milch cows in the cattle markets of Virginia and Kentucky." (Historian Ted Tunnel via Wikipedia) It was also used to describe white southerners who supported the US government during Reconstruction.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recording Phase II

Today was our second day in a row of recording the album officially in Downtown Brew. We did some pre-recording there to get a feel for it and we have almost finished the three acoustic songs for the album. However, these last two days were the first two I got to really throw down on full drum set. We have really good starts now (drum, bass, and electric guitar tracks) for 4 songs.

I love the live recording style. Even though it is a little frustrating to play a great drum take if someone else messes up, it is massively worth it because I know every fill and flourish and beat I play is in response to something someone else is doing. I can't wait to hear that energy and interplay on the album. Too bad I had to be sick while we recorded what are easily the 4 heaviest songs on the album, but no worries. I just coughed up a lung between each take and drank 10-15 gallons of water.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that Abbey Road is a good album? Like ridiculously good? Oh, you did? Because I just noticed that pretty recently, around 40 years after the rest of the world.