Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recording Phase II

Today was our second day in a row of recording the album officially in Downtown Brew. We did some pre-recording there to get a feel for it and we have almost finished the three acoustic songs for the album. However, these last two days were the first two I got to really throw down on full drum set. We have really good starts now (drum, bass, and electric guitar tracks) for 4 songs.

I love the live recording style. Even though it is a little frustrating to play a great drum take if someone else messes up, it is massively worth it because I know every fill and flourish and beat I play is in response to something someone else is doing. I can't wait to hear that energy and interplay on the album. Too bad I had to be sick while we recorded what are easily the 4 heaviest songs on the album, but no worries. I just coughed up a lung between each take and drank 10-15 gallons of water.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that Abbey Road is a good album? Like ridiculously good? Oh, you did? Because I just noticed that pretty recently, around 40 years after the rest of the world.

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